Do You Want to Know What I Did in January 2018?

January 2018 Income Report

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I am so excited to share my very first income report!

I’m publishing these income reports for 2 reasons. First one is to track my revenue and to analyze down the line where I’m performing well and where I’m not performing well. And the second reason is to inspire & motivate upcoming developers what are the possibilities they have.

I’m planning to publish these income reports till I reach five figures ($$$$$) income per month.

I have been in this business for a very long time, so this is not the first month (this is the first income report I’m sharing online). And it took me a lot of time & hard work to reach here, so it is not an overnight success.

All these revenues mentioned here are the successful payments made. Not just the numbers in my affiliate or some other accounts. These are the actual amounts paid out to my bank account.

Note: I’m sharing all these numbers & things I’ve done genuinely because it’s for my tracking/analysis down the line after few months or years.


Projects & Consultation : $1495 (PayPal Fees – $78.68) INR 86,685.89/-
Adsense : $192 – INR 12,179.79/-
Udemy : $479.05 – INR 29,181.69/-
Skillshare : $122.43 – INR 7,515.84/-
BNI Projects : INR 15,000/- (~$236)

Total revenue : INR 1,50,563.21/- in USD ~ $2350


Office Rent & Maintenance : INR 16,000/- in USD ~ $250
BNI Meeting Fees: INR 3,000/- in USD ~ $50
Phone Bills: INR 500/- in USD ~$10

These are the main expenses I’ve used for business, although I’m on yearly billing for my dedicated servers and email marketing services. So it is not counted as this months expense.

Future Revenue

Aweber: $9.70
BlueHost: $65
WHMCS: $2.39
YouTube : $6.57

I’ve recommended these services to my clients so that I earn a small commission for recommending these services. I’m planning to recommend these services on my blog also. This is affiliate income so this amount will be paid after 30 or 45 days based on their payment schedule. I’m not considering these as this month’s revenue.

Income Analysis

Little bit more insights about the revenue, How I made it so that it helps you to be on the right track.

Projects & Consultation
I’ve worked on few client projects in January which made me $1495.

Through Adsense I’ve received $192 payment, I want to improve this to $1500 per month. From this month onwards I’m accepting direct advertising on this blog which helps me to increase my overall revenue.

Past few months I’ve worked very hard for creating video courses to improve my passive income. This month I’ve received $479.05 payment, which is great I want to improve this to $1500 per month. And the good news is this is passive income, so no need to work except for clearing student doubts.

I’ve uploaded these courses to Skillshare, from skillshare I’ve received $122.43 payment.

I’m also a member of Bussiness Networking Group called BNI, through BNI received around $236 business. This is the lowest amount from this source compared to previous months.

And the total amount credited to my bank account is INR 1,50,563.21/- which is equivalent to USD ~ $2350.

Overall I’ve generated passive income of $793 this month. And the rest of it is through the regular project works.


Site Stats

In January Month, my blog received 51k Unique Visitors and 94k PageViews. Which is 40%+ increase from the previous month.

Youtube Stats

These are the Youtube Stats for January Month, received 42 new subscribers with 214 shares. And all my Youtube Videos watch time is 29,755 that is equal to 496 hours (20 days 16 hours) of videos watched by the users. Thanks to all those users, if you haven’t subscribed to my channel

Udemy Stats

These are my January Stats from udemy, 69 new students joined my courses from udemy.

And 19 students reviewed the courses (if you already joined in my courses don’t forget to give honest 5-star review).

All those students consumed 7,846 minutes of content that is almost 130 Hours 46 Minutes of content.

Social Media Followers

These are followers I’ve raised in January Month, I’ve seen good raise in followers count.

FB Personal Page Likes: 1618 (1023 Last Month)
Almost 600 new people liked my personal facebook page. It’s good raise, expecting more followers in Febraury Month.

FB CodingCyber Page Likes: 3400 (3241 Last Month)
My Main FB Page has constant flow of 160 likes this month, which is not very bad.

Twitter Followers: 1419 (1120 Last Month)
300 new twitter followers this month.

Email Subscribers: 8680 (7265 Last Month)
E-Mail List raised by 1,415 new subscribers. It’s almost more than 45 new subscribers per day. I want to raise this to 100 subscribers per day. For making this happen, I don’t need extra traffic I should be able to convert existing traffic to subscribers with better conversion rate. For that, I should create better incentives and opt-in forms. My existing conversion rate 7-8% on monthly average.

Facebook Group: 265 Members (142 Last Month)
123 New Members joined Facebook Group. I should focus on increasing the members in this group.
Join our group, if you want to personally get in touch with me.

What I did in January?

I’ve published 6 High-quality Articles in January but aimed at 15 articles to publish in January, couldn’t make it.

Develop Secure Applications with PHP PDO – Ultimate Guide
8 Simple Steps to Create CRUD Application in OOP PHP
Do you want to Develop Content Management System in PHP?
Complete User Authentication System in CodeIgniter – 9 Steps
Problem : How to Fix Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress
How to Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress

I’ve created a long-term content strategy plan for this blog in WordPress and PHP niches. Most of the days took a break from the work, except dealing with few new clients and working on existing client projects.

BNI Presentation
As you know I’m a member of Business Network International (BNI) chapter in Hyderabad, I got a chance to present my business in front of 30+ business people (8 Minutes). It’s a good opportunity for me to improve my networking skills & public speaking skills. It was an awesome presentation.

Here are the few pics while I’m giving the presentation. (these are old images).

That’s all I did in January.

Client Testimonial

This is a testimonial from one my recent client Kris from Canada. I’m happy to receive these testimonials. Thank you, Kris, for giving me an opportunity to business with you.

If you have any project feel free to contact me.

New Opurtunities

Advertising Options
I’ve enabled advertising options on my blog to increase my revenue and help others to promote their brand and products.
=> Advertise on CodingCyber.

Febraury Plans

This month I want to finish these goals at any cost without postponing and procrastinating.

Publish 2 new courses
I wanted to publish two new courses, one is on PHP PDO it’s almost completed working on editing part. Next, one is creating billing application with PHP, after publishing these two I want to start working on a 3rd course that is WordPress Theme Development. I’m working on the third course because PHP PDO course is almost finished previous month.

Creating videos for Youtube Channel
Currently, I have 60+ published videos on my YouTube Channel, This month I want to reach 100+ published videos on my channel. That means I should create 40 videos in February Month alone. No problem, I’ve content plan ready for that.

Creating at least 15 high-quality articles
I want to write 15 High-Quality articles with 2500+ words content. I hope to reach this milestone this month.

That’s all for this month January 2018.

Thank you again to everyone that has supported the blog over the years – you guys are amazing!

Interested in starting your own blog?

Yes, you should start your own blog. I suggest this to anyone who wants have their financial freedom.

You don’t need to earn from your blog right now, It will take some time to earn money from your blog. It helps you down the line in the long run.

Start your blog and share your knowledge whether you are designer/developer/SEO expert or Financial Advisor. What profession you are in it don’t matter start your blog and share your knowledge.

Start your blog right now. If you need any help, feel free to email me.

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Kakaire Charles

You have inspired Mr. Vivek. I also want to passionately share and earn as passively as you do. i think it is the way to go. Keep up the good wonderful job you are doing!


I am impressed an aspiring to become a complete web developer


May the good god make you to inspire millions and earn you in billions dear sir
with regards

S Mohammed Zain

Proud of you sir I want to learn more from you Sir. I don’t know how and where to start I’m very confused right now!

Imani Zuberi

I’m highly excited and inspired by your revenue report.
I can see the bright future ahead.
May God bless you sir!


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