How to Increase PHP Memory Limit On Godaddy Hosting

How to increase PHP memory limit on GoDaddy hosting. If you are using GoDaddy hosting services and you want to increase PHP memory limit something to high means 128MB. By default my GoDaddy hosting plan PHP memory limit is 64MB. If you want to increase PHP memory limit on GoDaddy server follow these steps.

When I’m installing drupal commerce kickstart installation. The minimum requirement is 128MB of PHP memory_limit, but GoDaddy PHP memory limit is 64MB.

To increase PHP memory limit follow these steps.

  • Login to godaddy cpanel -> open up file manager, go to root of the directory.
  • Create a new file here named php5.ini, if you already have php5.ini edit the file. Add this line to that file
    memory_limit = 256M
  • Save the file and close it.
  • If you open php info file, your changes won’t take effect.

Here comes the tricky part.

  • From under stats & Monitors, click on System Processes
    How to increase php memory limit on godaddy hosting
  • You will find a button End All, click that button and reload php info file in your browser, You can find your updated php memory limit.
    How to increase php memory limit on godaddy hosting

In my case it’s worked, your hosting plan should support the modifications otherwise it will not work, If you have any difficulty in creasing php memory limit, let me know the issue.

If your cpanel is newer version then create a file named “.user.ini”, then add the code. And test it with phpinfo function.

I hope this article helped you to Increase php memory limit on godadday hosting plan. To get latest news and updates follow us on twitter & facebook, subscribe to newsletter. If you have any feedback please let me know by using comment form.

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Software/Services > PHP Processes > Kill Processes


From the cPanel select the “Select PHP Version” icon. Upper right side select the “Show PHP Settings” click on the Grey Values area of any setting and you can pick from drop down and save PHP value. Done


Bravo, thank you for this, you made my day !


I’ve tried both this and the user.ini file and also ended php processes and it’s still not working. Any other suggestions?

    Vivek Vengala

    If you are using old hosting account, use php5.ini instead of user.ini

John Parker

Thanks so much, this still works for the current WordPress version 🙂


I can not find “From under stats & Monitors, click on System Processes” in my go daddy cpanel. Please help.

    Vivek Vengala

    I think you are using cPanel, then create user.ini file with desired memory_limit.


    In my GoDaddy account, using cPanel (2016): Login > On the “Homepage” (of the right domain name), > under the “Software” heading, > click the “PHP Processes” link (for another page), > then click the green button “Kill Processes” link.


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