How to find post id or page id in WordPress

How to find post id or page id in WordPress. Sometimes you need to find post id, page id, category id, tag id, media id. There are two ways to find the id’s. First one is we can find them manually. And the other method id we can use a plugin to show one extra id column in post, page, category, tag, media.

With WordPress 2.5 being released, the IDs on all admin pages have been removed as it is. Propably due to the fact that the common user dont need them. However, for advanced WordPress Users/ developers those IDs were quite interesting for some plugins or template tags.

Just login in WordPress admin area, Click on the edit button of post, page, category, tag, media or anything that you want to find the id. From the url you can find id, like the one below screenshot.
How to find post id or page id in WordPress

And the other method id by using plugins. Just install and activate any one of the below plugins. You can find extra column in page, page, media and others also.

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