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How to add Images in WordPress Menu

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Here is the simple tutorial for adding images in WordPress menu, Just goto Menu’s in WordPress and add the menus.

Adding Images to WordPress Menus

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus
  • Create a new menu item
  • On the Menus page add a link to custom URL’s, and in the label position add the img as show in the below image.
    <img src="">


  • And after seeing the results i have added some css
    <img style="position:absolute; margin-top:-12px;" src="">


  • Directly we can add styles in img tag in menu label field.

Here is the simple tutorial, I may change the design from time to time, Here is the look of the menu after adding the menus…


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But instead doing this, how about using “CSS Classes”? I think that the best way to add icons into WordPress menu.


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