Hide affiliate Links with GoCodes WordPress plugin

Hide affiliate Links with GoCodes WordPress plugin

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Hide affiliate Links with GoCodes WordPress plugin, If you are using affiliate program then you should use this plugin to make the links pretty and readable, You can apply nofollow attribute these links within the plugin interface, and it has feature to count number of clicks for every link. It is better to use this plugin to mask links for external sources. It is easy to use this plugin.

Installing & Enabling Gocodes WordPress plugin

Download GoCodes WordPress Plugin, and install it. And activate it thorugh wordpress admin panel.

Configuring GoCodes WordPress Plugin

To set configuration options for GoCodes WordPress plugin

  1. Login to WordPress Admin area
  2. Go to Settings -> GoCodes
  3. Set the URL trigger to the word what you to add like refer, likes or recommender
  4. And check the CheckBox NoFollow GoCodes

Create Masked links with GoCodes

  1. Go to Tools -> GoCodes in WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Fill the Redirection Key what you wanted to be.
  3. And enter the target URL
  4. If you want to count the hits, then check the box count hits.
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