Google In Page Analytic’s is not working how to fix it?

Google In Page analytic’s provides us a way to observe user clicking behavior. If your Google In Page Analytic’s is not working, here is how to fix it. There may be numerous reasons why Google In Page Analytic’s is not working. I’ll take you through all of those points one by one. Check them all any one of them can fix your issue. I followed this check list to fix my In Page Analytic’s problem.

Checklist to fix Google In Page analytic’s problem.

  1. WWW or non WWW website?
  2. Is your Analytic’s code old?
  3. Is your Analytic’s code is loading with in your web page?

WWW or non WWW website?

Check your website is using www or non www version of your domain. And then change the setting in your Google Analytic’s account.

You can check this by navigating to www version of your website. Like, if it’s redirecting to non www version ( of your website then you should remove www from your Analytic’s settings. In my case i’m using non www version.

To update this in your Google Analytic’s Account. Follow these steps

  1. Login to your Analytic’s account, Click on Admin button.
  2. You can find three columns Account, Property, View.
  3. From under Property, select your website and click on Property settings link.
  4. Then Property Settings page will be shown, with in that page update Default URL filed.
  5. From View => View Settings, update Website’s URL field.
    Google In Page Analytic's is not working how to fix it?

    Steps to change url in google analytic’s


Is your Analytic’s code old?

Next check you are using latest tracking code or not? If not add latest tracking code to your Web pages. You can get this from Google analytics dashboard.

Generate new code from Google Analytic’s Dashboard and compare with code on your webpage, if it’s not same then replace it.


Is your Analytic’s code is loading with in your web page?

Next check to see if the tracking code is there or not. In my situation this is the problem, because I don’t want to track my own visits. If I track my own visits, It will become complex to analyze overall traffic stats. So i’ll remove analytic’s code while i’m logged into dashboard.

If you don’t know whether analytic’s code is loading with web page or not. Simply open view source(Ctrl + U) from web browser. Search(Ctrl + F) for your property id in web page source. If Google Analytic’s code is not loading, check the problem why it’s not loading.

After following these if you still have any problem, then let me know using comment form.

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