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How to loop through the POST array in PHP

How to loop through the POST array in PHP, If you have lots of form fields and you want to automate the process of writing long and daunting sql queries, By starting with assigning post array to variables, after that writing long sql query by mapping table row to assigned variables. We can automate this […]

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How to separate an array with commas in PHP

Separating an array with commas in PHP, we are separating an array with PHP’s function implode, first we are using an array of sample values and assigning it to an $array variable. then we are passing two arguments to implode function one is separator, what we want to separate the array with, ane the next […]

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Installing Lamp on Linux Mint

In this tutorial we are installing LAMP in linux mint. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP, for installing lamp open up terminal, update and upgrade the Advanced Packaging Tool repositories. Simply type the following commands in terminal.

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